Choosing Better Programs For Your Kids
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Choosing Better Programs For Your Kids

When my kids started school, I realized that I had to do something to keep them challenged. I started focusing on talking with my kids each and every day to see what they learned and how I could help, and it really started to make a difference. We focused on finding programs that were interesting and challenging for our children, and it helped them to blossom when they were in school. Within a few short months, we could see a serious difference in our kids, just because we had guided them towards the right coursework. Check out this blog for more information.

Choosing Better Programs For Your Kids

Four Tips For Parents When Applying To Private Schools

Penny Brown

With private schools accounting for about 24% of the country's schools, many parents will begin the process each year of applying and enrolling their child. Unlike public schools, private schools will often require a more rigorous application process requiring meetings, interviews, additional costs, and more. From smaller classes to a higher parental involvement, there are many reasons as to why parents will often seek out private education for their child instead of public education. While there are plenty of ways to help get your child into a private school of your choice, you can also end up hurting your chances by making some of these critical mistakes.

Pick Your Top School

One of the biggest mistakes parents make when trying to get their child into a private school is applying to many schools all at once. This can get way too overwhelming and make it hard to remain organized. You end up spending many more hours trying to apply to several schools instead of just focusing on the main school you want your child to go to. Being unorganized can cause you to miss deadlines and not be prepared for interviews with the school. Instead of applying to a bunch of schools, it is best to choose a few of your top choices and only apply to those. 

Check Out All Your Resources

Private school education can get very expensive. In fact, the average cost of a private elementary school is about $7,770 a year. Even if you think you cannot afford the tuition, many schools offer a number of different financial options to help you cover the cost. Some even give you a lower annual rate based on your income. It is always good to ask about their financial aid programs even if you do not think you can afford to send your child there.  

Get Quality References

Many private school applications will ask that you turn in references for your child. In some cases, parents will seek out references from notable people that may have only seen a picture of their kid and never actually met them. It is always good to have someone send in a reference for your child that actually knows them. This gives the admission committee the best chance at getting to know your child without meeting them.

Remember the Purpose

Choosing a school for your child should be based on what school will offer them the best education. Many parents put an emphasis on sports over education. This could end up showing your child that education is not the biggest priority in school. To ensure they get the best education, you want to choose a school that is going to be a good fit for your child and helps provide them the best educational environment.